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Top Job Board Websites of USA

Are you looking for a new job? If yes, then you should definitely check out these job boards. They
offer great opportunities for US citizens.

Job boards are websites where employers post their open positions. These sites allow companies to
reach qualified candidates at no cost.

There are many benefits of using job boards to hire jobseekers.

First, they provide a convenient way to connect with potential employees.
Second, they can save time and money by eliminating the hassle of searching for jobs through other

Third, job boards can help you find a position that matches your skill set.
Finally, job boards can help increase your chances of finding a job.

These are the leading job boards based in USA:

1. is a job search website based out of the United States. Their platform connects millions
of users looking for jobs, with employers who need employees. Indeed's website was launched in
2007, and today they have offices across North America.

Simply Hired is a job search website founded in 2000 in San Francisco, California. Simply Hired
provides job seekers with access to jobs posted by companies around the world. Simply Hired is also
a great resource for companies seeking talented workers. In addition to posting jobs, Simply Hired
offers free career advice and information about hiring tips.

3. is a global online employment network headquartered in New York City. Founded in
1995, helps people find work and connect with businesses. Today,
operates in 24 countries and has more than 10 million members worldwide. has been
featured in publications like Fortune, Entrepreneur, and TechCrunch.

4. is a social networking service that enables its users to create professional networks
and discover potential connections. Users may establish a profile, add contact lists, upload resumes,
and learn more about others. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, LinkedIn was founded in
2002 by Reid Hoffman, Paul Buchheit, and Kevin Systrom.

5. is an American company that specializes in online recruitment services. Founded
in 1996, now hosts over 2 billion searches each year, and has over 5 million
registered users. focuses on connecting job seekers with employers throughout
the U.S.

6. is an online service that helps people find jobs. Founded in 2006, ZipRecruiter.Com
has grown to become one of the largest platforms for finding entry-level jobs. ZipRecruiter works
with over 30,000 recruiters and has generated over $100 million in revenue since inception.

7. is an American website dedicated to helping its users find information about current
and former employees at different companies. Started in 2005, currently has over 50
million reviews and profiles of employees at major corporations.

Job search websites helps you find high paying jobs. Filter your results by industry, location, job title,
and company size. You can also sort your results by distance from home and education level.

The use of online job boards is increasing as they offer careers across many industries. Find jobs
using keywords, locations, and salary ranges. Use the advanced filters to narrow down your results.
You can save time by uploading your resume and applying directly from the website.

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