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Help File – Pre Installed RSS reader for iOS Documentation

2. Changing name and icons of the App

1. Single click on the name of project at the top of “Project Navigator”.
2. The project name will be highlighted.
3. Type there new name and hit enter.
4. Once you hit enter key, under the “Activity Viewer”, you’ll be prompted to change name of some files. Press “Rename” and all files will be renamed.
5. When the renaming is complete then screen 5 (Fig 1) will appear with green checks in each replacement made and this dialog will auto close after sometime.


3. Changing the App Icon

1. Go to the “Project Inspector”. In case your “Project Inspector” doesn’t look like in Fig 2 then expose the contents of your project by clicking on the little arrow at the left of your project name. Similarly open WPFeed folder and click “Images.xcassets” (as highlighted in red in Fig 2). In the panel just right to the “Navigator Area” all image assets will be listed.

2. In that panel click “AppIcon” (highlighted in red in Fig 2). In the “Editor View” there will be various icons for different versions (retina and non retina display, iOS 6 and iOS 7) and purposes (App icon, Spotlight icon, Settings icon).


3. iOS app icon is square and you should get it designed by some designer or if you have the logo file then you can generate the app icons from online services like In that case your iOS AppIcon will look good if your log is already close to square in shape. Some other iOS app generating web services are:


4. All these services will generate icons of different sizes. You will need following sizes preferably in PNG format.

– 29px
– 40px
– 50px
– 57px
– 58px
– 72px
– 76px
– 80px
– 100px
– 114px
– 144px
– 152px

5. Once you’ve obtained icons in these sizes then its time to replace them. Open the folder where you have all icons for sizes mentioned above. If you’re in the column view of Explorer then clicking on a file will show its size (highlighted in green in Fig 3). Drag and drop on the appropriate tile in the Editor area. Tiles labelled as 1x will have the specified size. e.g. Tile labeled 1x under iPhone 57pt will have AppIcon of size 57px by 57px. Tiles labelled as 2x will have AppIcon of double the size mentioned. e.g. Tile labelled 2x under iPhone 57pt will have image having size 114px by


114px (57 x 2). Keep on doing this till you replace all icons.
6. You can see more icons here which are used in UI. Like refresh button, bookmark button and default thumbnail. Each of them can be replaced in the same way.

4. Changing Launch image

1. Go to “Images.xcassets” (as highlighted in red in Fig 4). In the panel just right to the “Navigator Area” click “LaunchImage” (highlighted in red in Fig 4). In the “Editor View” there will be various


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