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Integrate Facebook App Id and Secret Key into Parse

If you have account on Parse than follow step6 or start from beginning. Step1: SignUp in to, here is a link for signup into parse Step2: Enter Your App Name and click on “Create App” Step3: After creating app you will get you Application Key. If you can […]

Get Facebook App Id

Before you start to generate Facebook App id. Take a look on facebook development. Facebook allows you to obtain a token to access Facebook’s API on behalf of someone using your app. You can use this feature in place of building your own account system or to add Facebook services […]

Get Parse App Key and Client Key

Before you start to generate Parse APP_KEY and CLIENT_KEY did you know what is Parse? Ok take a overview of Parse than we will start. What is Parse? provides a backend service to developers. If your mobile or desktop app requires a backend on the internet, then Parse is […]

Guide to Install Photo Sharing App with Membership System. 1. Get Parse App ID 2. Facebook App ID 3. Integrate Facebook with Parse 4. Installation (Video)

Android App for detecting WiFi Signal (with Source Code)

Download APK Download Source Code Contact Us   Wifi Android project based on Wi-Fi APIs provide a means by which applications can communicate with the lower-level wireless stack that provides Wi-Fi network access. Almost all information from the device supplicant is available, including the connected network’s link speed, IP address, […]

Android App for detecting Bluetooth Devices (with Source Code)

Download APK Download Source Code Contact Us   The Android platform includes support for the Bluetooth network stack, which allows a device to wirelessly exchange data with other Bluetooth devices. The application framework provides access to the Bluetooth functionality through the Android Bluetooth APIs. These APIs let applications wirelessly connect […]

Accelerometer Android App (with Source code)

Download APK Download Source Code Contact Us Using gestures often feels more natural than interacting with a user interface through mouse and keyboard. This is especially true for touch devices, such as smartphones and tablets. I find that using gestures can bring an Android application to life, making it more […]