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Mobile App for any Website

Presenting the most advanced and affordable way to create a mobile app for any website. The scope of work includes design of custom icon, home screen, integrating data input from existing website using XML feed and a mobile framework.

Mobile App for any Website

The project of developing a Mobile App is structured and the project scope of work includes design of custom icon, home screen, integrating data input from existing website using XML feed and a mobile CMS framework.

The mobile app development process, is divided in 3 modules i.e. User Interface design, Parse XML feed and Content framework.

I. User Interface (UI)

  • Home Screen Showcases the app and is the first impression for user, so it is most important. Advanced UI tools like iewPager, Navigation, action bar, menu, dialog, etc components to display interactive and impressive splash screen have been included
  • Navigation Drawer Navigation action is provided in app to make app usage easier. It also provides great User Interface
  • Custom Screen Based on client requirement a custom home screen can be developed to reflect company brand, colour, text etc. Slideshow, Layer, Slider, icon or any other effect can also be added. You can choose from our existing templates or send us your custom prototype.
  • Tablet View User interface for both phones and tablets. The app is also optimized for tablet view i.e for 7” and 10” inch etc screen size.

II. XML Feed

  • Import RSS Add XM/RSS feed. Using the XML parser we parse RSS to get all data of the feed and including Title, description, images and full page details for post
  • WordPress Ready WordPress is the most popular CMS used by millions of websites. The app framework is optimized for WordPress feed as default.
  • WordPress Category Plugin All posts in WordPress are sorted by categories using – WordPress Category Plugin. It can be used to show posts by category – in App
  • Latest Posts View Latest posts. Also whenever there is a new post, user will be notified and will be up to date with the website. The app will always be updated and in synchronous with the website. That is the main advantage of using XML feed.

III. Content

  • Read Full article On click, read complete post including text, image, etc. Change the data to mobile view, managing to convert properly and providing the best readable view to user
  • Local DB The database is stored in Mobile. It will manage all the data of website. In case if user can not access the internet and is not able to access the app, local database will enable them to access all previous posts that are stored in database
  • Auto refresh It will check and manage any recent change in website. Whenever website updates any post the service will notify the app and update in app
  • Image caching Cache memory is used to display image which are stored in app
  • Share posts Share posts/articles in social media sites like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Instagram etc
  • Few posts in-app Few posts are added in app for user convenience. If a first time user is accessing the app or if they don’t have internet connectivity then these posts will make this app interactive
  • Loading post in Background All the data loading/sync work is handled by background service and does not distract user experience while interacting with app
  • Bookmark posts User can bookmark their favourite post
  • Notification of new Post Whenever a new post is added, users will get a notification.And by clicking on notification, user can read the post.
  • Audio and video The App has built-in facility to add Media files including most Audio and Video formats.
  • RTL support(arabic) Right-to-left (RTL) script support is provided in this app to read Arabic language.
  • Google Map Display your business address and location in Google Map
  • Rate App Users can rate app in Google Play Store from within the app
  • Read/Unread Articles Show articles that have been read a bit lightly compared to unread articles
  • Admob/Google Ad support Insert Google Ads API for displaying banners, interstitials etc to generate revenue from App.
  • Search The app has a built-in search feature that offers an easy way to provide a reliable search experience for users
  • Error message when no Internet Displays an alert, when internet connection is not available.
  • Reader friendly UI Uniform font, color, format of page. Support swipe left and right in article list page

The above features will enable you to deliver the great app experience to your users.

Download Feature list PDF Apple-03iOS App For Website OS_AndroidAndroid App For Website

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