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Front Back Photo App

Front Back Photo App

Take Front and Back pictures. Take photos – being part of them.

Use the front and back camera of your phone in one photo
By using both cameras the app will allow you to appear in the photo that you are taking.

Both photos will be combined to produce a photo that will have the photo and photographer
in the same photo.

The process to create front back is – In the first frame the front camera is activated, click it.
The photo is saved. Then the back camera is activated and the photographer’s photo
is saved. The App then joins both the photos to give a Front Back image.


  • Take Front Photo
  • Take Back Photo
  • Save both the Photos as one
  • Uses In app customized camera
  • Both landscape and portrait orientation supported
  • Share image and set it as wallpaper option
  • Admob with Banner and interstitial ad enable

Full Source Code

We provide full source code with video help file



Front Back Photo App
Front Back Photo App
Front Back Photo App
Front Back Photo App

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