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FAQ’s – Android App for WordPress

What is Android App for WordPress?

The App converts a WordPress Site to Android App based on the RSS Feeds. It is an Android version of existing WordPress site.On click the posts will show full description, links, images etc. It is always updated since it uses existing WordPress RSS feed.

How to create the App?

Just import the project in your workspace, replace the existing rss feed with your own site rss.
Change the package name and app icons, Done ! You are good to go.

What is the cost?

It costs $25 only.

How to View Demo of the App?

Go to – http://mobilemerit.com/demo-android-app-for-wordpress/

How many clients have installed the App?

There are over 100 Android Apps using our Platform

Will it work with other sites than wordpress?

Depends on the XML Feed.
Pl. contact us for custom work.

Will it work on other languages?

Yes, It will work with other language if the encoded method is not ambiguous.
Pl. contact us for custom work

We Require custom Android App

Pl. contact us for custom work

How to Contact support in case App is not working?

Pl. contact us for any support related issue

How to Edit the home screen?

App contains the String.xml file which contains every content which is subject to change, like text colours, subtitle text colour, header background colour , admob id etc.

Can we show categories and sub categories?

Yes, it shows categories but it requires a separate wordpress plugin

How much time will it takes to create an Android App?

It generally takes 10 minutes
1. You just have to add RSS feed
2. Rename the package
3. Change the icon set

How to change the icon?

Make your icon set in the respective sizes(xxdpi,xdpi,hdpi,mdpi,ldpi,) as desired.
Can take the above link as reference or just upload your icon image at.
It will automatically resize the image in desired formats.
Then just copy the icon image and paste it to respective drawable folders(replacing the existing one).
Eg. drawable-hdpi(your icon)=>drawable-hdpi(project)

How to add the feed?

In project there is a String.xml file which contains the entry by name “blog_url” , replace its existing value by your feed url.

How to remove the splash screen?

Open the AnidroidManifest.xml file change launcher activity from SplashActivity to the activity fires after splash. Save the changes

Will we get full source code?

Yes, we provide complete APK and project source file

In case of any other clarifications, pl. get back to us.

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