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This software is use to show coupons of multi site. You can add any coupons of a site and their description about that. Just put this details in your admin panel. Which will provide to every user who are using this app. It’s very useful to user who do online […]

Webview app is made for any responsive site. Just add your website link to app and app icon. and you own app is ready to publish in market. The best part of Webview app that you don’t need to update your app again and again. Just modify your responsive pages […]

It’s based on video and image quiz. User can play this video in side app and based on option he can choose his answer. Question order is coming from online. You can select your order of question or it will random order. After completion of quiz user can share his […]

It’s a private Investigation camera for a organization who want to capture a image with time stamp on picture. After click user can send image to organization only via email. User can view old image clicked by this PI Camera and resend or delete it based on his Choice. Camera […] – Simple way to manage your feeds. It is a one central place to manage your favorite newspapers, magazine or any website. Android app for involved parsing Json feed and getting membership details. Members can subscribe to RSS feeds category wise. They can also edit, unsubscribe and bookmark […]

A advance Audio player which have three type of player to play streaming url, local audio file and feed audio. Player also can play any radio url or streaming url. Audio Player can play all types of Audio files like MP3, AMR, AAC, PCM WAV, OGG, MP4a, 3GP etc. Players […]

Places Near Me shows your current location and provides in depth city/places information near your current location. Based on user location shows nearby information . Information like image, brand name and contact info. Option to change the radius of the results location at run time Retrieve data from Google, which […]

A Selfie is a photo of you, taken by yourself. App includes share instantly feature within the Selfie app. The project titled – Selfie, involved custom graphics skin background image, admob, filters, sharing and custom logo Screenshots Order Now

It is an advanced video player app. It’s show all local video list from sdcard . Developer can add online video to his wordpress database which which will display in app. Also there is youtube video play present for large numbers of video collection. InApp video is present for developer […]

The app involves playing of daily alarms, with 3 different times and everyday will have different times based on time stored in Excel sheet. It also includes Arabic notifications Events, google calendar and adding Alarm timings to excel sheet. App have famous quotes and famous verses of holy Quran. For […]

Mobile app for dailynews is hindi news app for India all content are in hindi only. Main concept of this app is to using a wordpress site provide update news to user with a smiple and impressive user interface. App get data using xml parsing. Show notification on every news […]

App is based on wordpress site only. All version of xml feed is readable by this app. It’s means any wordpress site you can use in this app. User can add all site from app and also delete. Predefined categories list is present to sub categorized post link. App can […]

Slive is one type of TV channel app. This app is functional for both mobile and Andriod TV. Main concept of the app to show video based on admin choice with ads. If admin want he can refresh that video list and it will apply for all user. All user […]

The mobile app provides news with category of African countries using JSON feed. Admin have it’s own Database, The project involved custom splash screen, notifications, Youtube channel, Dailymotion and Facebook integration. User can share any news post directly to his Facebook page with redirect link of Senego site. Also if […]

The tourism promotion app includes popular Destination, Things to do, Places to go, Facts, Plan Your Trip, Operators and Accommodation, and the sub categories. The project involved custom UI, Image gallery, google Map and XML feed parsing. App also provides Tanzania news for user to know about it. It’s a […]

A leading Arabic news channel – sdhnews displays latest happenings in Middle-East. It involved Arabic text display and font optimization, category based display, XML feed parsing, Bookmark, notifications, sliders Facebook SDK, Twitter SDK Screenshots

The mobile app – Burtha news is a leading Iraqi news app. It has push notifications. Users can read articles category wise based on news, entertainment, blogs, videos etc and view updated posts. App will auto notify whenever a new news will post. Adding news new post and subcategories are […]

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