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Prerequisites Download PDF You need – Paid Developer account – Any Mac device running OSX – Latest Xcode and command line tools Steps A. Create Distribution Certificate You need to create iOS Distribution Certificate to be able to upload apps on app store. 1. Go to Apple Developer website ( […]

Step1: Go to facebook developer site and login. Here is facebook developer link open this and login to developer account. Step2: Click on “My App” tab and select “create new app”. Step3: Choose your platform “Android” Step4: Enter your App name and click on “Create New Facebook App ID”. […]

iPad is a large screen mobile device from Apple. The latest iPad model has a 12.9 – inch Retina display, a fast CPU and graphics performance. It has several advanced software and hardware features like mult-itasking, four audio speakers, multi-touch etc that add very good experience to mobile apps and […]

To upload an app on google play store you need these things: 1.Signed Apk 2.Short Description (max 80 words) 3.Long Description 4.App Icon (size 512X512). 5.App Screenshots a.For Mobile (min. 2 screenshots). b.For 7 inch Tablet (min. 1 Screenshots) c.For 10 inch Tablet(min. 1 Screenshots) 6.Features Graphics image (size 1024X500) […]

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is a service that enables developers to send data from servers to both Android applications or Chrome apps and extensions. The service provides a simple, lightweight mechanism that servers can use to tell mobile applications to contact the server directly, to fetch updated application or user […]

Step1: Open below link and sign in into admob. Step2: Click on “Monetize a New App” Step3: “Click on Add Your App Manually” Step4: Enter your app name , select your platform and click on “Add app”. Step5: “Select ad format and name ad unit” Your can choose which […]

Step1: Right Click on project and open “Properties” Step2: Rremove “Google play service libary” from project. Step3: Remove this line from “menifest.xml” [code lang=”js”] <activity android:name="" android:configChanges="keyboard|keyboardHidden|orientation|screenLayout|uiMode|screenSize|smallestScreenSize" /> <meta-data android:name="" android:value="@integer/google_play_services_version" /> [/code] Step4: Delete “banner_adview.xml” from “layout”. Step5: Remove this line from all xml file in which you are […]

Android defines several actions, including ACTION_SEND which, as you can probably guess, indicates that the intent is sending data from one activity to another, even across process boundaries. To send data to another activity, all you need to do is specify the data and its type, the system will identify […]

Create a new project in Android Studio File – New Android Project MediaPlayer:-Android providing Media Player Class to access android in built mediaplayer service like playing audio, video etc. In order to use MediaPlayer, we have to call static method create() of this class. This method return and instance of […]

Create a new project in Android Studio File – New Android Project. What a is Widget A widget is a small gadget or control of your android appliaction palced on the home screen. Widget can be veru handy as the allow to put your favourite application on the screen in […]

Introduction to service A service is a application component that run in the background to perform long running operation without needing to interact with the user. Service can run in the background indefinitely ,even if component that started the service is destroyed. A service run in the main thread of […]

Using of Progress Dialog progress bar are used to show progress of task e.g. downloading file,analyzing status of work etc. //ProgressDialog progress = new ProgressDialog(this); Now you can set some properties of this dialog. [code lang=”js”] progressDialog = new ProgressDialog(this); progressDialog.setMessage("Downloading…"); progressDialog.setTitle("Your Title"); progressDialog.setCancelable(true); progressDialog.setIndeterminate(true);; [/code] activity_main.xml [code lang=”js”] […]

Create a new project in Android Studio File – New Android Project What is a Fragment A Fragment is a part of activity.Fragment represents a portion of user interface or an operation that runs witin an avtivity. A single activity can contain multiple fragment and many fragments can be reused […]

Create a new project in Android Studio File – New Android Project Dialogs A dialog is a small window. if you wanted to ask the user about taking a decision between yes or no in response of any particular action taken by the user. you need to make an object […]

Download APK Download Source Code Contact Us Create a new project in Android Studio File – New Android Project Shared Preferences Shared Preferences is allow you to save and retrive data in the form of key, value pair.You can use sharedpreferences to save any primitive data,booleans,floats,ints,longs and string. Use Shared […]

Download APK Download Source Code Contact Us Create a new project in Android Studio File – New Android Project Using of DataBaseHelper Class Once the projected is created create a new class in your project src directory and name it as click on src/package – New – Class) Now […]

Download APK Download Source Code Contact Us Step1:­ Create new project in Android Studio. What is WebView? WebView is a view that dispaly web page inside your application. You can also specify HTML string and can show it inside your application using WebView. Step 2:­ You must add the internet […]

How to create a simple RSS Feed Reader

With a basic knowledge of iOS programming you can easily create a XML parser for any site. Here are few resources for you to get started. Rss Reader Tutorial for iOS: How To Make A Simple RSS Reader iPhone App How to Create a Simple RSS Reader App iPhone Rss […]

Getting started 2D game programming

Game programming is too easy in iOS with Sprite Kit as it handles all physics for you. You just need to get acquainted to few concepts in Sprite Kit and anyone can develop a 2D game inside it. Besides its pure fun. Some resources to get started are: Sprite Kit […]

Getting started with Swift

Here are a few resources for you to get started on SWIFT. Swift Tutorial: A Quick Start Swift Tutorials

Using NSOperation and NSOperationQueues

As iOS devices have less resources in terms of memory, all long running and secondary task should not be run in the main thread. Running any long process in main thread causes it to block and app becomes unresponsive and thats uncool from UI perspective. A solution is to use dispatch_async but […]

How To Customise The Button Toolbar For IOS App For Mobile Website

1. Go to Main_iPhone.storyboard 2. Press control + alt + cmd + 3 to show the object library on bottom right. 3. Search for bar button item. Drag it to the desired place in toolbar inside storyboard. 4. Each bar button item must have a flexible space bar button item […]

Before you start to generate Parse APP_KEY and CLIENT_KEY did you know what is Parse? Ok take a overview of Parse than we will start. What is Parse?? provides a backend service to developers. If your mobile or desktop app requires a backend on the internet, then Parse is […]

Before you start to generate Facebook App id. Take a look on facebook development. Facebook allows you to obtain a token to access Facebook’s API on behalf of someone using your app. You can use this feature in place of building your own account system or to add Facebook services […]

Official Apple guide is here Scope What are schemes? Correcting Schemes. What are schemes? In Xcode schemes are used to modify the way a app is run or tested. You can add actions in form of shell scripts and email actions, before and/or after different phases of app like […]

Step1: Create new Project in eclipse. Step2: import Google Play Services library into your workspace. What is Google Play Services Step3: add Google Play Services library into your project. Right Click on project than open “property” window. Click on “Android” and add library. Step4: Add your Banner and Interstitial id […]

Requirements 1. Mac System: Mac Mini, iMac, Macbook pro or Mac pro 2. Xcode 6.0 or higher (Setup guide) 3. Project Code in Objective C 4. Basic knowledge of programming in Objective C and know how of using Xcode 5. Basic Knowledge of Photoshop. Steps Launch Image is an image […]

Requirements 1. Mac System: Mac Mini, iMac, Macbook pro or Mac pro 2. Xcode 6.0 or higher (Setup guide) 3. Project Code in Objective C 4. Basic knowledge of programming in Objective C and know how of using Xcode Steps Generating the Logo: Goto Download the PSD template from […]

Requirements 1. Mac System: Mac Mini, iMac, Macbook pro or Mac pro 2. Xcode 6.0 or higher (Setup guide) 3. Project Code in Objective C 4. Basic knowledge of programming in Objective C and know how of using Xcode Steps 1. Go to Project target (cmd + 1). 2. Click […]

Last Updated: 26 Feb 2015 Scope Types of errors: Compile Time Errors Types of errors: Runtime Errors Debugging app yourself: 101 Debugging app yourself: Update Xcode Debugging app yourself: Installing Project Dependencies Debugging app yourself: Recreating Project Scheme Debugging app yourself: Most common errors Types of errors There are two […]

Official Documentation: Requirements Scope 1. What you need to know 2. Finished app preview 3. Include the Google AdMob SDK using cocoapods 4. Adding Banner View 5. Test devices What you need to know 1. Storyboards 2. Views 3. View Controllers 4. Layout Constraints Finished app preview Include the […]

Requirements 1. Mac System: Mac Mini, iMac, Macbook pro or Mac pro Install Xcode 1. Goto App Store. Search for Xcode and install Xcode from there. Its heavy in size so it will take some time to download and install it. This guide is written with Xcode 6.1. 2. Install […]

The Google Play services APK contains the individual Google services and runs as a background service in the Android OS. You interact with the background service through the client library and the service carries out the actions on your behalf. An easy-to-use authorization flow is also provided to gain access […]

This tutorial will tell to that how to read data from excel file and how to set alarm in android. To read date and time we are using excel file then we will set alarm at this date and time and we will learn how to show notification for this […]

Geofencing combines awareness of the user’s current location with awareness of nearby features, defined as the user’s proximity to locations that may be of interest. To mark a location of interest, you specify its latitude and longitude. To adjust the proximity for the location, you add a radius. The latitude, […]

A notification is a message you can display to the user outside of your application’s normal UI. When you tell the system to issue a notification, it first appears as an icon in the notification area. To see the details of the notification, the user opens the notification drawer. Both […]

Our android membership system is basically based on PARSE. It is the service for providing the backend to the application just like Google App Engine. This module has sign in, sign up ,forget password and logout components. As far as login is concern it is a two way process i.e. […]

Most Android-powered devices have built-in sensors that measure motion, orientation, and various environmental conditions. These sensors are capable of providing raw data with high precision and accuracy, and are useful if you want to monitor three-dimensional device movement or positioning, or you want to monitor changes in the ambient environment […]

Integrating google maps in your application basically consists of these 4 steps. 1. Download and configure. Google Play Services SDK 2. Create a Hello World Project 3. Obtain API key from google console 4. Specify Android Manifest settings 5. Change your codes for MAP Step 1 Download and configure Google […]

Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) introduced limited support for bidirectional text in TextView and EditText elements, allowing apps to display and edit text in both left-to-right (LTR) and right-to-left (RTL) scripts. Android 4.2 added full native support for RTL layouts, including layout mirroring, allowing you to deliver the same great app […]

The basic building block for user interface is a View object which is created from the View class and occupies a rectangular area on the screen and is responsible for drawing and event handling. View is the base class for widgets, which are used to create interactive UI components like […]

There are 7 life cycle methods of class. They are as follows: Within the lifecycle callback methods, you can declare how your activity behaves when the user leaves and re-enters the activity. For example, if you’re building a streaming video player, you might pause the video and terminate the […]

Let us start actual programming with Android Framework. Before you start writing your first example using Android SDK, you have to make sure that you have setup your Android development environment properly as explained in Android – Environment Setup tutorial. I also assume that you have a little bit working […]

Here starts our Android Development tutorial. In this article, you will find how to setup a complete Android Development environment. This includes download, installation and configuration of various software components required to form a complete IDE. As I said in the Introduction, I’ve tried to keep things as simple as […]

Android is an open Source Operating System for mobile devicessuch as smart phones and tablet computers based on Linux Kernal.Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies. It was established on 5th November, 2007, led by Google. It is committed to advance open standards, […]

This is interesting maspus using the two popular api ie instagram media search and google map.This project uses the map as to set the location and using this location it search the image media recently uploaded on instagram. 1. Creating a google map : You can refer to your previous […]

This tutorials is about generating an android app for your youtube Playlist.The center line of this tutorials revolves around generating an youtube playlist feed url, pasing xml file by requesting the url and extracting the video related informations. 1. Getting Youtube Playlist Url: Using the youtube api v2 we can […]

Android App Mashup of Google Map and Instagram – Download APK

View Demo The Google Places API is a service that returns information about Places — defined within this API as establishments, geographic locations, or prominent points of interest — using HTTP requests. Place requests specify locations as latitude/longitude coordinates. The following Place requests are available: Place Searches return a list […]

Before using the Product Advertising API, you need to get register and become an author. To become a Product Advertising API developer, sign up or login. After Login/Sign Up following will come out. You need security credentials to call the Product Advertising API, authenticate requests, and identify yourself as the […]

The main components for developing multimedia mobile applications include: a. Audio Player: Audio Player app allows user to listen to the audio/music present in phone with cross feature of remote streaming, internet radio and unlimited song library feeding by youtube. This app scans all the music present locally in the […]

The main components for developing Camera and Photo related mobile applications include: a. Photo Gallery Photo Gallery app facilitate user to view photos stored in his/her device and perform certain action using them like set as wallpaper, share, edit etc This app scan all the photo stored in the phone […]

To create a twitter app, the first thing you need to do to get your Twitter API key is to create a Twitter application through their site. Visit and login to your Twitter account. Then, just fill out the basic information for the application and it’s ready to be […]

Using Google Maps in Android Application includes several steps. 1. Install the Android SDK As a prerequisite, you need to install the Android SDK. See Get the Android SDK. 2. Download and configure the Google Play services SDK, which includes the Google Maps Android API. If you use theGoogle Maps […]

If you are planning to start mobile app development, check out the links below. They are a collection of resources that you may need for iPhone app, Android App, Microsoft mobile app or HTML5 based app development. Apple iOS, iPhone App development iOS Development Center Resources for Apple Developers […]

Android App for USB Host (with source code)

Download APK Download Source Code Contact Us   When your Android-powered device is in USB host mode, it acts as the USB host, powers the bus, and enumerates connected USB devices. USB host mode is supported in Android 3.1 and higher. Before you begin, it is important to understand the […]

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