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Google Launches Version 2.0 of Android Studio

Google released version 2.0 of its popular integrated development environment (IDE) for developers – Android Studio

In Android Studio 2.0, Google has introduced various new features like:

    Instant Run

Developers can quickly see changes to code running on a device or an emulator. Developers can add a line of code, delete a line or modify it, and instantly see what impact that change has on the application when it is running on a device

    New GPU Profiler tool

Ability to record entire sessions, display GL State and Commands details, and walk through the GL Framebuffer and Textures while the application is running OpenGL ES Code

    Android Emulator features a new user interface

It has a new toolbar and an additional control UI so that common emulator actions can be taken without having to use command line options. The Emulator allows APKs to be dragged and dropped onto the window and the new toolbar enables volume control, screen rotation, screenshots, and other emulator actions

    Virtual Device Manager

Developers can have multiple pre-defined device profiles for testing their applications in emulation mode. A multi-screen app development feature lets developers build apps for different Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, Android Wear and Android TV

The new version will immensely help Android developers improve their workflow and speed up application coding and deployment times.

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