Android Platform Excellent for Developers and Users

Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices across 190 countries around the world. It has the largest installed base and is growing rapidly, with more than a million new Android devices being activated every day. In this post, we will be presenting a few reasons why the Android Platform is excellent for both users and developers:

Large Installed Base

Android’s openness has made it the top choice of developers and users alike. This has driven strong growth in Android apps downloads, with over a billion games and apps being downloaded every month by users from the Google Play Store. Consequently, this leads to more apps and games being developed to cater to the growing needs of the users.

Rapid Innovation
With its global partnerships, Android is also constantly striving to bring new capabilities to developers and users. For developers, the innovation of the platform allows you to build differentiated and powerful applications using the latest mobile technologies and tools. Android also gives users access to the latest innovations and technologies, including vibrant touch screens, multi-core processing, state-of-the-art sensors, high-performance graphics and more.

Strong Development Framework
Android gives developers everything they need to build the best app experiences. It offers a single application model that allows you to deploy your apps to millions of users across a wide range of devices. There are also a wide range of tools available for creating apps that take advantage of the hardware capabilities available on each device.

Open Marketplace for App Distribution
Android’s premier marketplace, Google Play allows sale and distribution of Android apps. In an open marketplace, developers are in complete control of how they distribute and sell their apps. They can price these apps according to their liking and change them at any given time. Also, developers can take advantage of demand-side platforms, which are supported by Android, to reach consumers more effectively.


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