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Android Battery Checker

Android Battery Checker

Android Battery Checker app is to check the battery status of an android devices.

It provides the user an idea about the current battry status along with facts like temp,voltage,health etc.


  • Check device current battery status
  • Determine battery’s tempreture ,health,voltage and technology
  • Support of Admob
  • Supports Google Analytics
  • Query system for the current battery usage
  • Check your Battery Level and detailed Usage

Technical Specs:

In this app BroadcastReceiver class and BatteryManager class used. The BatteryManager class contains strings and constants used for values in the ACTION_BATTERY_CHANGED Intent.

Tracking class use to track the current battery power. Also Android Services and NotificationManager class used with PendingIntent to broadcast battery power at the time of application running. Graphics library used to implement TypeFace class for external fonts in app to give better User interface.

Download Demo APK and run on your Android Phone
Download APK Android Battery Checker


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Android Battery Checker
Android Battery Checker
Android Battery Checker

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