How to change the App name of iOS App


  • 1. Mac System: Mac Mini, iMac, Macbook pro or Mac pro
  • 2. Xcode 6.0 or higher (Setup guide)
  • 3. Project Code in Objective C
  • 4. Basic knowledge of programming in Objective C and know how of using Xcode


  • 1. Go to Project target (cmd + 1).
  • 2. Click the blue icon at the top of project navigator (Fig 1 – 1).
  • 3. Click the App target, which is generally the item with name same as project name listed under targets section (Fig 1 – 2).
  • 4. Select the Build Settings tab (Fig 1 – 3).
  • 5. Search for term “Product Name” (Fig 1 – 4).
  • 6. Change the value on the right y double clicking it and overwriting the text in popover (Fig 1 – 5).

How to change the App name of iOS App

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